E+ blog

17 novembra, 2021

Our mobility in Malaga was an opportunity for us to get to know Spain. Participation in Erasmus+ gave us the chance to develop professionally and learn about the culture of Spain. Marko and Tilen worked in an EuroMind office as an administrative trainee, Nejc and Oleksiy worked in a company which is specialized in lawnmowers and chainsaws. The place where we were working was beautiful. The office, good working atmosphere and very friendly and smart people, made internship much more fun and interesting. We couldn’t be happier with our co-workers and our amazing tutors. We experienced new skills at work and learned to work in a completely new environment. We stayed in a hostel, where we got to know each other which gave us a great time. Together we were going out to the beautiful beach of Malaga and we also tried new amazing restaurants. Together with our tutors and teachers we went sightseeing historical and cultural places which were very interesting.  While in Spain, we got to know many people we made friends with and we would like to maintain the great contact we have. During Spanish classes we also improved the knowledge of Spanish language, which is beautiful. In our internship we realized how useful it is to speak foreign languages, especially English.

Malaga is a beautiful city to visit and explore. The people we met there and the entire internship will stay in our memory forever. In our free time we were exploring beautiful places in Malaga. We tasted new food, such as churros and tapas, which were amazing. We are very thankful for the opportunity to work and participate in Erasmus+ project; it definitely is an unforgettable experience. We would repeat such internship again anytime.

Marko, Tilen, Nejc, Oleksiy