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Tjaša and Rebeka about Erasmus+ and why you have to apply :)

22 novembra, 2019

Why apply to Erasmus+ mobility?

You get to meet new people and a whole new culture. The placement offers you the experience of working in a foreign country that has completely different working habits. It allows you to become more independent and prepared for future challenges that might appear in your career or your life in general. You gain more experience that might come in handy in the future. You also get to improve your language skills (Spanish or English).

Last year we had a chance to experience the E+ work placement in Valencia. We applied because we were always interested in the Spanish culture. We liked it very much and we wanted to experience it again in a new city.

What do you gain and improve (skills and knowledge)?

You get more confident and definitely more independent. You become more resourceful in certain situations.

We were doing the administration work. We were using Excel and Word Office. We were sorting the receipts and helping with the paperwork (scanning, copying…). We also helped with tidying the archive. One of us called to China to get contacts from different companies and the other one helped people at the reception in Spanish.

You get to improve your Spanish and English. You also get to work with people. You learn more about companies in Spain and you get to know the city you work in. You get to know their way of doing things and working that is different from ours.

What do you discover about yourself – how does it affect you as a student, individual and future employee?

You get to know yourself better. You can discover what you want to do in life and what career path you want to choose. You get to know your strengths, weaknesses and abilities. You also improve your working skills.

You think more about your future and the goals you will set for yourself. It makes you think about the things that would interest you more and think about what you are good at and what you are bad at.

Why say yes to Erasmus+ mobility work placement.

The placement helps you with your future career path and you get to know yourself better. You also experience a new culture and you get to meet new people. It definitely makes you more confident, independent and skillful. You become more tolerant as a person because you get to experience something different and it pushes you out of your comfort zone. It gives you a chance to grow as an employee and as an individual.

We both went to Spain through Erasmus+ work placement twice. We really liked this experience. It gave us a good base for our future and it definitely made us a better candidate as a future employee. The people we met there were really nice and friendly. We have also kept in touch with our mentors.

Rebeka Štrekelj in Tjaša Plahanc